Scheduled Discussion Topics

Please note the talks start at slightly different times because they vary in length and the aim is to finish them around 9.30pm, so they will start promptly. Arrive early if you want to settle down and listen to them with a cup of tea or coffee.

Talks are listed below in reverse date order

Von Kármán Lecture: Spacecraft Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations (ATLO)

23rd January 2024 20:45

What does it take to build a spacecraft? It’s up to the Spacecraft Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations (ATLO) team to assemble it, bake it, shake it, get it to the pad and launch it.

Speakers: Michelle Tomey Colizzi, Mechanical Engineer, NASA/JPL Luis A Dominguez, ATLO Electrical & Dep. Systems Lead, NASA/JPL

Von Kármán Lecture: How do missions get formed?

28th November 2023 20:45

We’ll talk to one of our robotics engineers about project formulation and demonstration, looking at the process of generating ideas - from napkin sketch to prototype to development and testing. We’ll also look at how they figure out the right questions to ask in order to understand what technologies are needed to get the job done using real life experiences and stories about the Mars Rovers and Mars Sample Return Mission. Speaker:

Speakers: Paulo Younse, Robotics Engineer, NASA/JPL

James Webb Space Telescope

14th November 2023 20:45

James Webb Space Telescope talk by one of our members. Further details to follow.

Speakers: Thomas Harvey

Introduction to DSLR astrophotography – Part 1

17th October 2023 20:45

We look at how to use a DSLR and fixed tripod for astrophotography to image star trails, Milky Way, Moon and star fields star fields. There will be demonstrations of various software.

Speakers: Jean

Von Kármán Lecture: Voyager – 45 Years in Space

19th September 2023 20:45

As the twin Voyager spacecraft approach their 45th anniversary, we take a look at where the mission has been, what they’ve taught us, and where they go from here. In this conversation with Suzanne Dodd, Voyager Project Manager, we’ll discuss how Voyager came to be, highlight some of the major discoveries, and hear stories about this mission that has captured the public’s attention for years.

Speakers: Suzanne Dodd, Voyager Project Manager, NASA/JPL