Previous Discussions Topics

The following is a list of topics previously discussed (in reverse chronological order).


Date Topic
18th May The Golden Age of Exoplanet Exploration Part 2
15th June Small Worlds, Big Science
13th July Darkness Surrounds Us
10th August Mapping the Heavens to Understand Dark Matter and Black Holes
7th September Our Solar System – How Geology Began
5th October Space Cameras
2nd November The Search for Life – Exploring Ocean Worlds
30th November Mercury
21 December Apollo 8 Go for TLI 1969


Date Topic
04 June From Mars to the Multiverse (Lord Martin Rees on YouTube video)
09 April Dark skies and light pollution (led by Peter Langford and Jean Dean)
12 March SpaceX Demo-1 mission to the ISS, Dragon docking and splash-down videos
5 March 'BBC The Sky at Night 2018 - Guide to the Galaxies' video
26 February 'Mars: Inside SpaceX (National Geographic 2018 Documentary)' video
19 February Cosmology (led by Peter Langford)
12 February Observing with new telescopes (led by Jean Dean)
05 February Video about the Astronomy Section (Frank Dowding)
29 January Photographing the lunar eclipse (led by Elaine Mahy)


Date Topic
05 June Assembly of NexStar telescope
29 May Discussion about purchase of NexStar telescope
22 May General discussion
15 May General discussion
08 May General discussion
01 May General discussion
24 April General discussion
17 April Discussion about astrophotography workshop
10 April General discussion
03 April Astronaut Mike Massimo. Royal Institution interview.
27 March Newtonian cosmology (led by Peter Langford)
20 March The Saros (led by David Le Conte)
13 March Observing (Ceres)
06 March Next generation space vehicles (led by Frank Dowding)
27 February No meeting because of snow
20 February Astronavigation (led by Jason Hill)
13 February Annual Business Meeting
06 February Launch of SpaceX Falcon Heavy
30 January General discussion
23 January The Concept of Mass. Royal Institution lecture by Jim Baggott
16 January General discussion
09 January The Bethlehem Star (led by David Le Conte)
02 January No meeting


Date Topic
26 December No meeting
19 December No meeting
12 December The Planets. Royal Institution Christmas Lecture No.6, 1977, by Carl Sagan
05 December Christmas dinner at La Grande Mare Hotel. No meeting.
28 November The Planets. Royal Institution Christmas Lecture No.5, 1977, by Carl Sagan
21 November The Planets. Royal Institution Christmas Lecture No.4, 1977, by Carl Sagan
14 November Some old astronomy books (led by David Le Conte)
07 November The Planets. Royal Institution Christmas Lecture No.3, 1977, by Carl Sagan
31 October Administrative discussion
24 October Molecules with sunglasses – third form of carbon (led by Colin Spicer)
17 October The Planets. Royal Institution Christmas Lecture No.2, 1977, by Carl Sagan
10 October The Planets. Royal Institution Christmas Lecture No.1, 1977, by Carl Sagan
03 October Reorganisation of La Société (led by Colin Spicer)
26 September The Great American Eclipse (David Le Conte, Elaine Mahy, Jason Monaghan, Tim Langlois)
19 September Astronomy Section website (led by Tom Harvey)
12 September A Journey to the centre of the Sun – Lucie Green at the Royal Institution answers questions (Colin Spicer)
05 September A Journey to the centre of the Sun – Lucie Green at the Royal Institution (Colin Spicer)
29 August General discussion
22 August A Journey to the centre of the Sun – Lucie Green at the Royal Institution (Colin Spicer)
15 August General discussion.
08 August Summer skies (led by Geoff Falla)
01 August Cassini and Huygens at Saturn (led by Frank Dowding)
25 July Power cut!
18 July Space tracking in the Apollo era (David Le Conte)
11 July Video: Sean Caroll & Jennifer Oulette: Black hole firewalls, part 2
04 July General discussion
27 June Video: Sean Caroll & Jennifer Oulette: Black hole firewalls, part 1
20 June Discussion and observing
13 June Discussion and observing
06 June Orbital Elements (led by David Le Conte)
30 May Discussion and observing
23 May Newton’s Laws of Motion and Classical Mechanics (led by Colin Spicer and Jason Hill)
16 May YouTube Richard Feynman lecture
09 May Liberation Day – Meeting but no discussion
02 May Observing
25 April Globular Clusters (led by Frank Dowding)
18 April Observing
11 April Observing
04 April Visit of His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor Vice-Admiral Sir Ian Corder and Lady Corder
28 March Mini-Messier Marathon
21 March Observing with the new equipment: Go To Mount, All-Sky Camera, and Planetary Camera
14 March NASA ScienceCasts (see
07 March International Space Station update (led by Frank Dowding))
28 February James Clerk Maxwell - 2 (led by Colin Spicer)
21 February James Clerk Maxwell - 1 (led by Colin Spicer)
14 February Observing and imaging (beautiful clear night)
07 February Introduction to image processing (led by Jean Dean)
31 January Annual Business Meeting (start)
24 January Astronomical highlights 2017 (led by David Le Conte)
17 January Packing of newsletter
10 January Open discussion
03 January No meeting


Date Topic
27 December No meeting
20 December No meeting
13 December General discussion
06 December Christmas dinner at Moore’s hotel
29 November The Twin Paradox
22 November The Oort Cloud
15 November The Foucault Pendulum
08 November 8.30 pm DSLR Astrophotography
01 November ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter
25 October Ancient astronomers
18 October 8.30 pm. Telescope training
11 October H-R diagram
04 October Fred Hoyle
27 September Tides
20 September Neptune
13 September Stars and objects of the autumn sky
06 September Astronomy apps
30 August Planispheres
23 August Collimation
16 August Astrophotography
09 August Barbecue and Perseid meteor count
02 August Tycho Brahe
26 July X-ray Astronomy
19 July Kuiper Belt
12 July Highlights of the STARMUS Festival in Tenerife
05 July Summer sky stars and objects
28 June Dark matter and dark energy
21 June The celestial sphere
14 June Mars
07 June Saturn and its moons
31 May Radio Astronomy
24 May Edmond Halley
17 May Virgo & Bootes
10 May Transit of Mercury results
03 May Sundials
26 April Filters used for telescopes and cameras
19 April Leo – a prominent constellation in the sky at this time
12 April Exoplanets
05 April Transits of Mercury
29 March The Soyuz rocket