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Sky Charts generated by Sky Safari, Simulation Curriculum Corp.


02-Jan23:58:43The cluster Messier 41 is well placed
03-Jan00:38:34The Earth at perihelion
04-Jan03:31:06Moon at Last Quarter
04-Jan10:19:16Quadrantid meteor shower 2024
07-Jan08:06:31Mercury at dichotomy
08-Jan20:12:21Conjunction of the Moon and Venus
06-Jan19:18:47Mercury at highest altitude in morning sky
12-Jan19:18:47Mercury at greatest elongation west
14-Jan09:33:39Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn
14-Jan11:02:23Close approach of the Moon and Saturn
15-Jan23:58:03The cluster Messier 47 is well placed
18-Jan03:53:07Moon at First Quarter
18-Jan18:42:05Close approach of the Moon and Jupiter
18-Jan20:42:30Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter
19-Jan22:27:05?-Ursae Minorid meteor shower 2024
20-Jan14:39:20Close approach of the Moon and M45
22-Jan08:31:15Lunar occultation of Beta Tauri
25-Jan17:53:56Full Moon
27-Jan07:28:46Uranus ends retrograde motion
31-Jan23:58:46The Beehive cluster is well placed

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